Saturday, February 04, 2012

Lesson 1 - Before You Start (Transcription)

Welcome everyone to this new series of short tutorials on drawing.
Starting with the very basics and then working into a few advanced topics, I am going to explain my personal approach to drawing.Fortunately, there are so many methods today, so that we can really choose the one that best suits our needs. I hope that what I’m going to say will be somewhat useful for you.
First of all, you’ll never find any classic step-by-step tutorial here. Instead, I’ll try to make you grasp a few basic concepts that will help you improve by yourself and develop your own personal style. In fact, once you’re done with all my tutorials, I’ll be particularly happy if you will end up having a style completely different from mine. In other words, you have to find your own way.
Please don’t feel disappointed, if some of my hints may apparently seem a bit impractical. Nevertheless, they can be even more important than the technique itself.
In this first lesson I want to give you a few simple yet fundamental advices.
First advice: find a few good masters whose works you consider particularly inspiring. They can be very different each other. For instance, I adore Michelangelo, but Kandinsky and Pollock have been essential as well in my education. So you are absolutely free to choose.Try to copy their works. Don’t bother about how they did it, do it your way! But try to guess what they meant to convey, to express.
Second advice: don’t look for your own style. Do not yearn to find a personal way to draw, but let it happen naturally. Basically you only have to worry about finding the best way to express your concepts. And you will have to refine your technique, in order to achieve this goal. Once you succeed in doing it, you will realize that your style has evolved, becoming more and more unique.
Third advice: in my experience practice is absolutely important. It means that you’ll need to spend some time, or rather a long time, on training.
The exercises are intended to be performed regularly. First the basic, then the advanced ones. That’s why I will make sure that each lesson is followed by an exercise video.The first one will be on the basics of shading. Don’t miss it!
Have a lot of fun with drawing: this is my last advice!

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